* If financial assistance is determined, it can take up to a week for funds to be available.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!  No checks are written directly to clients. 

No cash is maintained on the premise.  

No checks are written on site they are mailed from another location. 

No walk-ins as the building is secured and service hours are limited.

(The quickest way to determine eligibility)

You may contact us by email: AdvocacyCntrDC@gmail.com   Please include your name,  a phone number and a brief description of your situation. Fill out the application ---->

and send it with the email. This method allows us to request the additional forms needed to determine eligibility, saving you valuable time during your time of need.  

Application for Assistance

Additional items to gather:

  • A copy of the referral letter from the agency that referred you. 

  • A copy of your drivers license. (Address should match address where you are seeking assistance)

  • A copy of your SS Card.

  • A copy of the current bill you are seeking assistance with. (Must be in your name)

  • Proof of Income. (Current pay stub)

  • You may be asked for additional documentation

By phone

By email

To see if you qualify for assistance, please call 336-753-0407. Leave your first and last name, phone number and a brief description of your situation. You will still have to fill out forms over the phone in order to determine eligibility. We are a part-time agency with limited availability so leaving a message is important for us to contact you.