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We assist our Davie County neighbors who are experiencing an unexpected, temporary crisis that may impact their ability to stay in their home or sustain basic life needs. Our focus is maintaining a stable home environment during difficult times.

A Completed Application Includes Copies of:

  • Drivers' License or Photo ID

  • The bill you need assistance with (must be in the name of the applicant)

  • Proof of income

  • Referral letter (if referred)


Click "APPLY ONLINE NOW". This will take you to an online application form. Required documentation may be added to the end of the online form.


Email your completed application to Please include your name, a phone number we can reach you by, and a brief description of your situation. Please note, you may be asked for additional documentation as needed.


Paper copies of our application are available to be picked up and dropped off at our location 24/7. You may pick up an application and return it to a secure drop box (monitored by video surveillance) at your convenience. If you would like to complete your application at the office, please call and request an appointment as the office is staffed on a part time basis only. 

Address: 261 S. Main St., Mocksville, NC 27028


If you have questions about the application or process, please call 336-753-0407. Leave a message with your name, a phone number, and a brief description of your situation. You will still have to complete an application in order to qualify for assistance


If your application is approved, it may take up to one week for funds to be available as no funds are kept on the premises. Checks are written directly to the utility company or land lord. Under no circumstance is a check written directly to the client.

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